Alternative Society, 2011

Alternative Society is an active search for and creation of new, radical, emergency, unconventional and revolutionary visions of the world. During a half day session a group of artists and researchers created portable visions of society. Some of the bags created act as installations that have to be activated by the viewer, other bags simply stored bigger ideas sitting within them.

The portable visions were delivered to society and shared with the wider public on 12th March - as part of If Not, Then What? project at Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, UK

Alternative Society bags were created by: Dani Admiss, Jeffrey Andreoni, Clare Cochrane, Thomas Daniell, Wagner Figueiredo, Nor, Jessie Martelhof - Johnson, Silvio Palladino, Gillian Patrick, Kate Proudman, Stevphen Shukaitis, Hana Tait, Andre Verissimo.

With big thanks to Cecilia Wee & Sonya Dyer & all who took part!

If Not, Then What? is a Chelsea Programme project, guest curated by Cecilia Wee.

If Not, Then What? examines how art and creative practice can create change in politics beyond the polling booth. The project explores, develops and critiques various forms of collective and local political engagement – considering itself a temporary creative think-tank for arts involvement with politics.